Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Overview of Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

Chapter 3: Goals, Requirements and Scope

Chapter 4: Conneted Limited Device Configuration(CLDC)

Chapter 5: CLDC Libraries

Chapter 6: Mobile Information Device Profile

Chapter 7: MIDP Application Model

Chapter 8: MIDP User Interface Libraries

Chapter 9: MIDP High-level User Interface – Screen

Chapter 10: MIDP High-level User Interface – Form

Chapter 11: MIDP Low-level User Interface Libraries

Chapter 12: MIDP Game API

Chapter 13: MIDP Sound API

Chapter 14: MIDP Persistence Libraries

Chapter 15: MIDP Networking and Serial Communications

Chapter 16: Secure Networking

Chapter 17: Event-driven Application Launch

Chapter 18: Security for MIDlet Suites

Chapter 19: MIDlet Deployment

Chapter 20: Additional MIDP APIs